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lissa ♥
18 May 2015 @ 04:22 pm
accepting / not accepting.
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lissa ♥
01 January 2010 @ 04:55 pm
Well, hi.

I've been thinking about the last year and how much I've changed, in a good way.
I've become less judgmental of people, more calm, understanding that having 'downtime' is needed and just grown as a person. I think I've finally opened my eyes and start to appreciate everything around me instead of living in my little bubble. I've lost friends, made friends and gained a boyfriend whom I am, no doubt, falling in love with. I've learned to be more independent and to do what I want and not worry what anybody else thinks.

Highs of 2009:
Meeting Toby
Getting out of the private school
Dancing in the snow at midnight
Walmart at 3:00am
Getting the lead in our high school musical
The lake
Watching the sunrise with my cousins
Staying up all night talking to Toby
Being wrapped in his arms and feeling completely content and SO safe.
Saying 'I love you' and meaning it, with all my heart
Him looking straight into my eyes while telling me he loves me
Being so smiley and happy
Waking up and loving life
Every beach trip with my friends
Going to Starbucks so much I can now say 'the usual'
Starbucks times with friends
Getting really good grades
Laughing so hard I cried
Meeting some amazing people
Sneaking out of the house, WITHOUT getting caught
Sneaking Toby into the house, WITHOUT getting caught
Winning the school talent show

Losing friends
Sitting at home, alone, waiting for the phone to ring
Doing too much
Panic attacks because of the doing too much
Feeling utterly heartbroken because of 'friend drama'

The highs beat the lows, by far.

Goodbye 2009, you have treated me well <3